Below are archived pages with enough infomation relative on the mod.

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Full General Overview And Advanced

Official 1999 Manual

Team Fortress Classic - [link]
Team Fortress Classic - Newbies Guide
.re-sourced - Tutorials (edit: lost it)

Bunny Hopping & Advanced Movement

Bunny Hopping Made Eazy
Guide To Bunny Hopping
UKFortress - Bunny Hopping


Class 9 - A Guide to TFC Engineer - By AfterShok
Necro's HW World!
Engineer: The Guide


Net Code Explained
Netcode Explained Again


TFC Secrets (Shh) (wait for left red nav bar to load) [Archive Link]

Mouse Optimization Guide
"Worthless Info About Your Worthless Mouse"

Single Colour Spray Guide
Multicolour Spray Guide 1
Multicolour Spray Guide 2
Multicolour Spray Guide 3
Multicolour Spray Guide 4
Wally (used in the guides)

TFC For Steam

FPS vs Firing Rate

Cvar List

Model/Texture Tutorials

Dragline's TF 1.5 Junk [Archive Link]



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